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What kind of industries obtain more benefits by deploying a system like the one supplied by ID International?
All those plants which business priority is production.

Can a system like this be applied in Plants having old and new equipment?
Yes. The self-developed management system implemented by ID International has shown excellent results in both old and new equipment.

Is this system applicable on Companies where there is already in place an Asset Management Infrastructure?
Yes. In the services rendered it was possible to complement it with the existing structure, strengthening overall benefits

How long do I have to wait to see the benefits from ID International's service?
Considering ID International's know-how over the whole variety of industrial equipment, we can ensure positive results within the first six months of service

Is this kind of service appropriate when production condition is not steady along the year or tied to market changes?
Yes. This Management system allows companies to optimize the best use and/or preservation of their operational equipment in line with requirements to be fulfilled.